Disaster Policy

Allegany Public Library
Disaster Policy


During and After A Disaster
Makes critical decisions in conjunction with Library Board and Director
Works with public safety officers to determine when building is safe for reentry


Regular Duties
Ensures insurance coverage is up-to-date
During and After A Disaster
Oversees utility restoration (electric, water, gas)
Contracts with construction companies for building restoration
Submits insurance claims

Regular Duties
Maintains historical library photos and documents

During and After A Disaster
Facilitates emergency funding (Memorial Association if necessary)
Acts as financial liaison with FEMA, if appropriate


During and After a Disaster
Acts as a conduit for public information of the disaster
Contacts media with library-related announcements, including library closure and re-opening


During and After a Disaster
Photographs the damage to the collections and library contents, as well as damage to the building, if appropriate


Regular Duties
Ensures disaster plan is updated regularly
Creates and maintains telephone list
Ensures annual fire inspection is done promptly
Assures Fire extinguishers and Smoke detectors are maintained

During and After a Disaster
Maintains direct communication with Library Board
Begins salvage operations after building is deemed safe
Supervises staff and volunteers.
Reestablishes computer network.

Business Manager

During and After a Disaster
Tracks and coordinates emergency expenditures
Authorizes payment for supplies and services if needed.

Library Closure Procedure

Short Term Closing (i.e. bad weather, burst sewer pipe, electrical outage, etc.)

Library Director will contact Library Board President then staff.
Signs will be posted as soon as possible.

Long Term Closing (i.e. natural disasters, gas leak, fire, etc.)

The Library Director will contact the Library board starting with the President. The Disaster Response team will swing into action. A meeting will be arranged to discuss long term plans.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

The librarian at the front desk is responsible for evacuation the first and second floors. The librarian downstairs is responsible for evacuating the Children’s Room.
In case of a librarian being incapacitated the other librarian is responsible for all 3 floors.
Emergency responders and the Library Director will be called at the earliest possible opportunity.

Location of Emergency Supplies

First Aid Kit: 1st Floor “Bathroom”
Fire Extinguishers: 1st Floor – Near front exit.
2nd Floor – Near recipe carts.
Children’s Room – Near desk.

Emergency Contacts

Police / Fire / Ambulence: 911
Village Police: 373-0873
Village of Allegany: 373-1460
Gas Company: NYSEG: 1-800-572-1121
Electric Company: National Grid: 1-800-892-2345
Phone Service: Spectrum 1-800-892-4357

Board President: Bob Parker: 373-2777 / 378-3634 (Cell)
Vice President: Mary Marks: 373-0292
Treasurer: Charlene Sendlakowski: 372-5056
Secretary: Janie Pitcher: 373-1961
Trustee: Erik Jones 307-8654
Director: Nate Austin: 933-7219
Business Manager: Emily Lycett 585-307-9202