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Computer Policy

Computer and Internet Policy for Patrons
revised 12-19-2016

Patrons must read a statement agreeing to COMPUTER & INTERNET POLICY for the Allegany Public Library. Each time prior to using a WORKSTATION, patrons must sign a log at the front desk. By signing said log, each patron agrees to comply with our COMPUTER & INTERNET POLICY statement.

We ask you to respect our COMPUTERS and EQUIPMENT. The Allegany Library is a public institution. However, we reserve the right to protect our property. Harming a COMPUTER may result in arbitrary revocation of COMPUTER PRIVILEGES.

Use of a WORKSTATION is limited to a ONE-HOUR time slot. Patrons may sign up for a time slot on a first-come first serve basis on the same day they wish to use a WORKSTATION. Additional time may be granted based on availability.

Because of space limitations, we ask that no more than TWO PATRONS use any given computer at one time.

Library Staff will instruct patrons how to use programs to the best of their abilities. Library Staff cannot be expected to be familiar with all resources.

The Library’s WORKSTATIONS are intended to be used as educational tools – no devices for business communications. The WORKSTATIONS cannot be used in any capacity for commercial or for profit ventures.

Patrons may print information at a cost of 15 cents per page. Users are responsible for all printouts. Color printouts are also available, but must include an additional fee.

Due to the controversial nature of some INTERNET material; those under the age of 18 may not use the INTERNET without permission of a parent or legal guardian. Please see CIPA addendum for additional safety information. Access to PORNOGRAPHY is strictly prohibited.

The individual user is responsible for the access points they reach. The Library cannot monitor, nor control the information accessed via the INTERNET, and is therefore not responsible for its content.

Library patrons use the INTERNET at their own risk. Use common sense to protect yourself against IDENTITY THEFT.

Use of headphones is STRONGLY SUGGESTED.

Patrons WILL BE WARNED one time of any infractions of the COMPUTER & INTERNET POLICY at the time of the first incident. Further incidents will result in loss of COMPUTER PRIVILEGES.

REMINDER: While the Allegany Public Library does not support or condone censorship, you can be legally held responsible for EXPOSING OTHERS to INAPPROPRIATE CONTENT.