Five Year Plan

March 15, 2021


Goal 1: Building improvements. Recreate our physical space to improve user accessibility and encourage library use.

Key Strategies

1. Continue to improve handicapped accessibility through grant writing and new construction.
2. Continue to assess comfort and aesthetic needs of patrons. Make adjustments accordingly.
3. Continued upkeep of building maintenance.

Success Indicators for Goal 1

New handicapped accessible features
Development of new projects pertaining to furnishings and construction.
Positive feedback from community about improvements

Goal 2: Technology. Improve use and access to technology in our library.

Key Strategies

1. Purchase new technology to help users access online resources.
2. Update outdated technology.
3. Purchase ebooks to promote use of new technology
4. Continue to improve ability of staff to use new technology.
5. Continue to review existing computer policy to make sure it matches community’s needs.

Success Indicators for Goal 2

Corresponding use of new computers
Corresponding use of ebooks
Positive feedback from community about helpfulness of staff

Goal 3: Staff and Organizational Development. Develop a library staff that is more responsive, flexible, and effective to community’s needs.

Key Strategies

1. Continue to support existing staff with continued training.
2. Hire qualified new employees with diverse skills.
3. Improve dialog between director, staff, and library board through increased interaction.
4. Encourage individuals to volunteer at the library.

Success Indicators for Goal 3

Staff is responsive to user needs
Board is responsive to staff needs
Successful transition of new employees
Hourly wages are competitive
Acquisition of permanent volunteers
Positive feedback from community about helpfulness of staff

Goal 4: Collection Development. Improve the quantity and quality of books and other materials in our library

Key Strategies

1. Improve young adult collection to increase circulation
2. Improve large print collection to decrease dependency on deposit collection.
3. Improve DVD collection to promote library visits.

Success Indicators for Goal 4

Increased circulation of materials in our library
Positive feedback from community about selection of materials

Goal 5: Finance. Continue to raise money through grants and patron donation.

Key Strategies

1. Continue to improve book sale to make it more attractive to public
2. Encourage donations through gifts and memorials
3. Apply for more grants.

Success Indicators for Goal 5

Ability to purchase new materials not currently in the budget
Outpouring of support for our library from the community and local businesses.
New projects started by the library through grant money

Goal 6 Outreach. Letting the community know what’s available at our library

Key Strategies

1. Promote public awareness of building improvement & accessibility.
2. Promote public awareness of new technology.
3. Promote reference transactions with the public.
4. Promote public awareness of new books and materials available at the library.
5. Promote public awareness of donations made in the form of gifts and memorials.

Success Indicators for Goal 6

Increased awareness of the library.
Improved use of the library.