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Library History

The present Allegany Public Library was the brain child of a group of interested citizens back in 1962. Prior to that time, Mr. Fred W. Forness had left a sum of money to the Village to be used for a library. For a number of reasons the money was not used and later returned.
In the fall of 1962, a committee was formed to establish a library in Allegany. The Town Board granted the Library a home — the second floor of the Town Hall. Many people “too numerous to mention and too generous to forget” contributed time and labor, money and books.Total volunteer efforts put the Library on its feet. The volunteers refinished the floors, saved bread wrappers for prize money given by the local radio station, made and painted shelving, cleaned, donated furniture, repaired and cataloged over 5000 books donated by friends of the Library.And so by November 1963, the Library became a reality. 650 library cards were issued the first ten days the library was open, and almost 400 books withdrawn the first week.
The Library was granted a temporary charter on October 5, 1965 after the requirement for local tax support was met by the Village and the Town Boards. We now were a member of the Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Library System — and the System permanently loaned us 1000 books.For the next seven yeas, the library in the Town Hall served the people of Allegany. A Permanent charter required first floor access so that senior citizens could make use of the facilities.In 1970, the First National Bank moved to a new building and very generously donated the old building to the Village to be used for the Library. After a successful fund drive renovations were possibly with labor by volunteers. High School students moved the books “bucket brigade style” from the Town Hall to the new location.

The Allegany Public Library received its permanent charter in September of 1970.
On December 3, 1971 an Open House celebrated the culmination of the long crusade for a local library, with a permanent home full chartered by New York State, and a significant contributor to the recreation, educational, and esthetic life of our Town.