Patron Behavior Guidelines

Allegany Public Library ‘s Patron Behavior Guidelines*

The Allegany Public Library has established rules of conduct to protect the rights and safety of all Library visitors and staff and to preserve the Library’s materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds. Staff will enforce these rules in a fair and reasonable manner in order to make the Library a clean, safe, comfortable place for everyone.

Cell phones, Electronic Devices
Turn cell phones and other communication devices off or set them to vibrate. Use headphones with electronic devices, and set the volume so others cannot hear the sound. Cell phones will be occasionally tolerated for library related inquires (i.e. calling a friend to ask him for a book recommendation).

Check Out/Inspection
Check out all library materials before leaving the building. The Library reserves the right to inspect any bags or backpacks.

Closing Time
Exit the building promptly when closing procedures begin.

Treat staff and other patrons with courtesy and dignity. Refrain from behavior that could be construed as offensive, abusive, harassing, stalking, obscene or sexually explicit. Please remember to speak quietly. Treat library materials and equipment with respect.

Wear shoes and shirts or blouses at all times. Please no t-shirts that could be construed as offensive to others.

Food & Drinks
Non-alcoholic beverages in spill-proof containers and light snacks are permitted at study tables (except at computer workstations and around electronic equipment or microfilm machines).

Practice personal hygiene and use perfumes or colognes so they do not interfere with other people’s ability to use and enjoy library facilities.

Obey all laws including those regarding firearms, weapons, alcohol, and drugs.

Dispose of trash in receptacles conveniently located around the library. We do recycle soda cans. Please leave empty cans at the front desk.

Monopolizing Staff Time and Library Materials or Equipment
Accept that library staff are unable to spend a considerable length of time assisting any one patron. Be prepared to surrender materials or equipment for someone waiting to use them.

Outside Only, Please
Running, Jumping and Horse Play
Bicycles, scooters, roller-blades, skates, stilts, and pogo-sticks

Personal Belongings
Be responsible for personal belongings, including materials that have been checked out of the Library. Check for lost items at the Circulation Desk.

Recording Equipment
Obtain approval from the Library Director to use any audio, video, photographic, or television recording equipment in the library.

Refrain from
Bringing any animals into the library unless they are service animals or part of an approved library program.
Loitering and blocking areas such as the entrance, stairs, ramp, and restrooms.
Soliciting or petitioning

Staff Areas
Remain in public areas, not behind service desks or in the other staff work zones.

If a special situation arises, ask to use the telephone at the Front Desk. Advise people who might call you that the library does not offer a paging/messenger service, except in emergencies.

Theft/Damage to Property
Intentional damage and/or defacement of materials, furnishings, equipment or premises, or attempts at theft may be prosecuted. Patrons will be charged the cost of damaged items. Patrons may also be summarily expelled from the library.

A person who knowingly enters or remains unlawfully on the premises is trespassing. Staff will call police if patrons refuse to leave after being banned from the library.

Unattended Children
Parents or caregivers must take responsibility for their children’s behavior. If rules are broken, parents or caregivers may be asked supervise their children in the library.

Wheeled Vehicles
Wheelchairs, walkers, and strollers may be used inside the library.

Failure to comply with these policies could result in removal from the library, expulsion, arrest or prosecution. Violators may also have library privileges, including use of library computers and other equipment, restricted or terminated. The Library Board (in conjunction w/ the Library Director) will consider written appeals from users who have been expelled more than a week.

* Special Thanks To The James Prendergast Library for use of their User Behavior Policy in the creation of this document.

Updated 1-19-21